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    Red face Internet problems

    Flash doesnt work with many webpages. The coundown doesnt start. Please help. I have nokia 5300 xm

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    Re: Internet problems

    When you say "doesnt work" it isn't a very detailed problem description, and I don't know what you mean with "countdown doesnt start", either, but...

    Flash Lite 3.0 is approximately the same as Flash 8, so if your phone has a browser that supports Flash Lite, and Flash Lite is at v3.0 (or later), then most Flash 8 based web sites should be OK.

    With earlier Flash Lite versions, or a phone without Flash Lite and Flash Lite support for the browser, you can't get to Flash based web sites at all (unless the developer has also a version without Flash).

    And with Flash Lite v3.0, some Flash 8 features might not work, and if the site uses Flash 9, then it'll be worse.

    I don't know what level/version of Flash Lite the "5300 xm" supports, because I can't find such a model in the list here:


    However, I can find a 5300 without "xm" based on S40. Its specifications says it has only Flash Lite v2.0:


    Then there's 5310 XpressMusic (presumably what you mean with "xm") also based on S40 with Flash Lite v2.1 (so, slightly better, but not v3.0):


    And then there's the S60 based (not S40, that is) 5320 XpressMusich with Flash Lite v3.0:


    So, if you have the "5320 xm", many Flash 8 based web sites should work to some degree, at least, but if you have the "5300" or "5310 xm" then they won't, and there's nothing that you can do about it (except ask the owners of those web sites to point you to - or to create - a version of their site without Flash).

    You can also try Opera Mini (a Java based browser that relies on Opera's servers doing most of the work). I don't know how well it works with Flash based web sites, but it probably worth a shot for you to try:


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