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    In my application, a form contains a choice group.In that items of the choicegroup extending the screen size.how to display that in multiline?In 6600nokia mobile it is showing like '...'.
    please help me.

    Thanks and regards

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    Re: Multiline

    Hi reshmy,

    you can use ChoiceGroup setFitPolicy() method, passing to it Choice.TEXT_WRAP_ON as argument. Anyway, as stated on its JavaDocs:
    Fit policy is a hint, and the implementation may disregard the application's preferred policy.
    So real implementation is not guaranteed to respect the chosen policy, and you can end up having the effect (no wrap at all) you described.

    A possible solution is to write your own ChoiceGroup implementation (e.g.: using CustomItem) or, if your Form only contains the mentioned ChoiceGroup, switch to a List displayable (if I remember well, It should wrap text on first S60 phones).


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