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    AT command with FBUS-cable ?

    I try to connect my 8210 via data cable over the com-port. It's a combined FBUS/MBUS data cable (automatic switch). I was trying to sent AT commands to the phone. Unfortunality I can't send/receive any AT-command. (it might be on the automatic switch ?).
    But Nokia-Logomanager works correct with this cable! Also over infra-red I can send AT commands successful!
    Why doesn't it work with my FBUS cable and com1?

    Would you please so kind and let me know your suggestion.
    I appriciate your prompt reply
    Kind regards,

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    RE: AT command with FBUS-cable ?


    Only connectivity method available is IR. Nokia does not provide any cables for Nokia 8210.

    There is no such thing as Nokia Logomanager, Logomanager is a 3rd party software that Nokia has nothing to do with.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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