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    What 's Metro TRK?

    Now, I'll begin to debug the program on device, so I need to know how to do it. Though,there is not any more instructions about P800 Metro TRK? Can anyone tell me how to debug the program on device and give me the instruction about P800 Metro TRK??

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    Re: What 's Metro TRK?

    And what's wrong with "The DEF file in this target's data folder connot be found.Cannot continue with DEF freeze". In my mmp file folder,there is a appropriate DEF file,Why I got such an error?
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    Re: What 's Metro TRK?

    The TRK or AppTRK is the debugger agent that needs to be installed on the phone (you get it as a SIS file in the SDK or the IDE, like Carbide.c++).

    And the "Metro" comes from "MetroWerks", the original company developing the MetroWerks CodeWarrior IDE and other development tools for Symbian (and other embedded systems). I think it still is a Motorola subsidiary, but Nokia acquired the Symbian tools and related personnel a few years ago.

    And the "TRK" stands for "Target Resident Kernel"; when you debug applications running on the device/phone, it is "on-target debugging".

    So, find the appropriate AppTRK SIS file and install it on the phone. Latest version comes with Carbide.c++ v1.3.

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