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    Exclamation How to use J2ME polish code in existing J2ME app.

    Dear All,

    I've added j2me polish with NetBeans 6.1 successfully in my existing j2me project, but now i dont know how to use/include polish code in my application. i saw different ways. but cant use that. if i want to use polish using CSS with any existing J2ME project then what need to be done ? anyone can help me ???

    if possible then tell me the steps with a demo source code.
    i'm using >>
    1. NetBeans 6.1
    2. Polish 2.0.4

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    Re: How to use J2ME polish code in existing J2ME app.

    what have u tried so far ? u are mentioning "different ways" ?
    afaik u can include the build.xml file from one of the example applications and overwrite ur own. Or create a new Polish project after a succesfull installation (which I personally never achieved)...

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    Re: How to use J2ME polish code in existing J2ME app.

    I just want a guidline on how i can use J2ME Polish in my existing J2ME application. I installed and add "enough-j2mepolish-client.jar" to my existing application, project configuration is >>
    1. CLDC 1.1
    2. MIDP 2.0
    3. Emulator: Sun Java WTK 2.5.2
    say i've existing code of creating image, now i want to apply polish to add image border on that image. i tried the following codes for polish:-

    //importing polish for Image Border
    import de.enough.polish.ui.borders.ImageBorder;

    //my polish function
    //test polish with image
    public void polishImg(){
    menuFrm = new Form("Please choose an image");
    //javax Image class
    Image m_1 = Image.createImage("/1.gif");
    Image m_2 = Image.createImage("/2.gif");
    //polish ImageBorder class
    ImageBorder imgb = new ImageBorder(m_1.getWidth(),"/1.gif");
    imgb.borderWidth = 2;
    //imgb.paint(0, 0, m_1.getWidth(), m_1.getHeight(), m_1.getGraphics());
    //javax ImageItem
    ImageItem itm_1 = new ImageItem(null,m_1,ImageItem.LAYOUT_NEWLINE_BEFORE,"1");
    ImageItem itm_2 = new ImageItem(null,m_2,ImageItem.LAYOUT_NEWLINE_BEFORE,"2");
    //javax Form


    catch(Exception ex){ex.printStackTrace();}


    ***** But its now showing any border over the images, i didnt apply any extra configuration for using Polish.

    so is there anyone who can tell me about this solution ??

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