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    Cba()->MakeVisible(EFalse) ruined by Confirmation Note

    Hello All,

    I try to make a Full Screen application for S60 3rd.

    In AppUI in InitializeContainers I use this command

    And when Creating Container I use this command

    MyContainer::NewL( AppUi()->ApplicationRect(), NULL, this );
    instead of the default

    MyContainer::NewL( ClientRect(), NULL, this );
    This gives me full screen app just fine, but then when I call confirmation note at some point like this

    CAknConfirmationNote* note = new ( ELeave ) CAknConfirmationNote();
    note->ExecuteLD( *aOverrideText );
    Full screen dissapears and even though I still can't see CBA buttons (which is what I want anyway) there is no full screen anymore - I can see space reserved for CBA buttons at the very bottom of the screen.

    Would appreciate any thoughts on how to fix this.


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    Re: Cba()->MakeVisible(EFalse) ruined by Confirmation Note

    Found solution,

    In my container.cpp I had to edit function HandleResourceChange

    after adding this command :

    I have full screen even after calling Confirmation Note

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