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    Reading SMS from D211 on Linux OS (attempt #3)

    I cannot receive SMS on Linux, yet.
    More than one month ago, Nokia D211 Support replied:

    >In current Linux drivers receiving SMS is not possible. Incoming SMS >is not saved to the Nokia D211 card but it needs to be stored on >PC's hard disk as on the Windows versions. This is not currently >implemented into Linux drivers.
    >Because we have received so many questions of this issue we are now >studying a solution for this case. We will let you know in the near >future how you can enable receiving SMS in Linux environment.

    1. Anything new?

    2. If not, is it possible to get D211 *low-level* Documentation. Having this, I suppose that a Ph.D student could develope a minimal linux library to receive SMS messages in a few days.

    Best Regards.

    Nicola Zingirian

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    RE: Reading SMS from D211 on Linux OS (attempt #3)


    The situation is as told before. We are developing new features to Linux drivers. SMS receiving is one of them. It will still take some time but not too long.

    Best Regards,

    Nokia D211 Support

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