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    I need help for Flyer - Open Source Python Framework for Flash Lite Developers

    Hi every one!

    Hope u all are fine. I need help for flayer frame work.

    I want to know how will I use Flyer for creating application.
    How do I install the flyer extension module. I have downloaded it from http://code.google.com/p/flyer/.
    How do I Take photos with device camera using flyer module.

    please give me code example for flyer for . I am new to it.

    I can do these thing using flyer but how do I do it please give me some code example.

    - Take device screenshots

    - Send files over a bluetooth connection

    - Get the contact entries in the default device database

    - Sound recording and playback

    - File download and file upload

    - GPS module to display latitude, longitude, satellite count, and time

    - Record device screen as FLV

    - Get Inbox SMS messages

    - RDBMS

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    Re: I need help for Flyer - Open Source Python Framework for Flash Lite Developers

    Hi Pakkami,

    Download Flyer with libraries from here

    Hope you know how to install flyer. If not follow the steps below :

    1) Get Flash Lite 2.1 player from Adobe

    2) Get Python for S60 and Python Script Shell from SourceForge (read more
    about the PyS60 download and installation on S60 2nd and 3rd edition devices)

    3) Download Flyer_1_0_35.zip from Google code

    4) Running the script on the phone:
    3rd editon phones:
    Move the Flyer_1_0_35.py script and lib folder from your PC to that
    'Python' folder using the USB cable or Nokia PC Suite
    Start the PyS60 interpreter application on your phone (snake icon) ‐>
    press "options" ‐> select "Run script" ‐> select Flyer_1_0_35.py and press ok

    5) Now, you have to start your Flyer application from Flash Lite 2.1 player

    Now open Flyer_1_0_35.py in a text editor and see the functions under the main class Flyer.

    and use the following commands for corresponding functionality:

    flyer.takePhoto(self, filePath)
    flyer.takeScreenshot(self, filePath)
    flyer.sendFileBT(self, filePath)
    flyer.playSound(self, filePath)
    flyer.recordSound(self, filePath)
    flyer.stopSound(self, info=None)
    flyer.sayText(self, sentence)
    flyer.getContacts(self, db=None)
    Hope this helps,

    Best Regards,
    Pankaj Nathani

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    Re: I need help for Flyer - Open Source Python Framework for Flash Lite Developers

    I tried this way on my E71 but did not work, and I want to install Flyer_1_0_35.py. I installed PythonForS60_1_4_2_3rdEd.SIS but could not run the script.

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    Re: I need help for Flyer - Open Source Python Framework for Flash Lite Developers

    Hi elshorbagy,
    Sorry! for late reply. Just read your private message. Actually, Flyer is quite out-dated , you can see its code to understand its mechanism . However, Try this :
    Be My Lips (Local HTTP Server written in Python to extends Flash Lite)

    Best Regards,

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