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    Question Handle key pairs carbide 3.2

    I used Carbide 3.1 and i haven't problem. i try to use the nex version of the problem, but I have a problem: I have register the program, but i can't creat the Handle key pairs.
    I press "Make key", I write all the information, but at the end the is an error "Error reading private key in key file".
    what I have to do??

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    Re: Handle key pairs carbide 3.2


    I have a post on this @:

    Follow the same steps to generate ur keys.

    I hope u might have done the same steps, this is just to cross-check and help u with ur issue.


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    Smile help carbide 3.4

    can any 1 help me i got prob in my carbide i cant create a handle key pair
    tool->handle key pairs is not higlighted how can i create,if its not higlighted (i cant click) can help me thnx need asap

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    Re: Handle key pairs carbide 3.2


    Key Pairs can also be created during packaging time by selecting "modify" option for key pair in packaging window, use the latest version - carbide.ui Theme edition 2.0 available on this page http://www.forum.nokia.com/Tools_Doc...Es/Carbide.ui/ for creating themes for S60 devices.

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    Re: Handle key pairs carbide 3.2

    hi even i face the same problem i havent yet got a solution can u please inform me when u can rectify the error plz ...its telling error reading key file.. this is my mail id rajesh.maddy10@gmail.com

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