I have encoded a GET PDU following what WSP spec says, here I list part of my java code which will create an array of WSP byte codes:
(byte)0x03, (byte)0x40, (byte)0x11,
(byte)'c',(byte)'l', (byte)'u', (byte)'b', (byte)'.',
(byte)'n', (byte)'o', (byte)'k', (byte)'i', (byte)'a',
(byte)'.', (byte)'c', (byte)'o', (byte)'m',
(byte)0x81, (byte)0xEA

And I send the codes through the, part of the java code:
DatagramPacket dgp = new DatagramPacket(buf, buf.length, wapgw, 9201);
DatagramSocket dgs = new DatagramSocket();

Always I will get the response byte codes "20 c0 11 01", even I have changed the encoded URI from "" to "". As what WSP spec says in the table 36(Status code Assignments), I think byte 20 means HTTP status code 200, right? My first question here is, why I always got the same response enven a nonsense URI such as "" was encoded in the request? And the second one is what "c0 11 01" mean as part of the response?

Thanks in advance!