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    JSR-239, JSR-256 support thread

    I'd like to start by saying that I am aware that the support for this specs is non existent at the moment, I just do it to separate this thread from the other threads that asks that question.

    I really do not understand why is there no support for this specs on NOKIA phones by now. I've always wanted to play with those for a while and it makes no sense (in my mind) to add hardware to a phone but make no use for it.

    Many applications could have been done by now and even if a couple phones have had a built in accelerometer for a while it was not until late 2007 that there was symbian (and python) support for it.

    I read somewhere that symbian-wise (possibly n-gage) there will be support for the 3d hardware soon.

    Now do to the iPhone effect developers have a much bigger potential market for this applications because now more people want that kind of functionality on their phones.

    Nokia was probably the first big phone manufacturer that added an accelerometer to popular devices and somehow managed to transfer most of the success of that idea to another company ( yes, Apple ).

    Now I do not see how Nokia is quite involved in the making of these specifications ( expert group in 239 and specification lead for 256 ) and still the top devices have no support for any of the specs whatsoever.

    I feel like Nokia let these great ideas slip under the table by not adding support for them.

    A lot of developers have turn to the iPhone and the apple store because they know there is a BIG market for their apps on the iPhone.

    So I do finally ask if there is a possibility for java developers to see these specs working on the N-series devices?

    I would like to know this to make choices on whenever or not still develop apps in java. If I have to use symbian to make my apps work with the phone hardware I don't need java at all.

    My company does not focus on games but we do have some game projects going. As far as I know most of the java apps on phones are games so when the 3d hardware support arrives many will drop java to get a hold of the 3d capabilities that are only accessible through symbian.

    And for the rest of the developers I would like to ask what do you think about all this?

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    Re: JSR-239, JSR-256 support thread

    Minor point: Java developers can't really go to Apple with their Java apps, either, because as far as I know, the iPhone/iPod Touch do not support Java (J2ME) at all. Or is my memory failing me (I don't have an iPhone).

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    Re: JSR-239, JSR-256 support thread

    Thanks RemoL for your feedback and welcome to the Forum Nokia discussion boards!

    As a general comment (as I cannot comment on future roadmaps):
    Adding new APIs requires always balancing between requirement from different directions. After requirement analysis the APIs are placed (and moved around, etc) on a roadmap based on the importance of that feature, resourcing, and other considerations. Sometimes some APIs get implemented sooner and sometimes later.
    You are not the first one to ask about these APIs, and I will again ping the development organizations on these additional votes (that's what I have done in the previoous cases too, so they are aware of the grassroots demand for these APIs)

    best regards
    Hartti Suomela
    Forum Nokia

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    Re: JSR-239, JSR-256 support thread

    Quote Originally Posted by petrib View Post
    Minor point: Java developers can't really go to Apple with their Java apps, either, because as far as I know, the iPhone/iPod Touch do not support Java (J2ME) at all. Or is my memory failing me (I don't have an iPhone).
    Your memory is fine. There's no java support on the iPhone at all. The thing is that I never expected to have java support on the iPhone. And the way installing apps on the iphone I think it's over controlled. The only way ( without hacking/jailbreaking ) to install apps is if Apple approves the app so it can be listed in the app store.

    Anyway that's not where I wanted this to go but I do agree that that is a minor point.

    The thing is that since those capabilities were hyped by the iPhone it seems like a great time to add support for it on nokia devices so developers can take advantage on the hyped market.

    By the time we see more apps with these features on Nokia devices it will feel like they are a step behind, even though it was potentially possible to develop them early.
    That is part of what I was trying to say.

    And thanks for the reply Hartti.
    Good to know that the voice gets passed.

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    Re: JSR-239, JSR-256 support thread


    If you are interested in what I think look at:



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