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    Need Help on LoginScreen and Remote Database.

    Hi Members,

    This is my first thread.
    Iam very new to J2ME tech.

    Iam doing Mobile application project using J2Me in NetBeans .
    Ive done with Screen Shots
    I wanted to do the coding for the Login Screen Authentication

    I created a login screen .
    When i enter Username and password n click on Login it has to go to database n check for the authentication.

    if we enter wrong UN or PW it has to show alert or ny msg it has to display to the user like this "plz enter correct login details " or something like this .

    Actually as of now i dont have any idea on remote database connectivity.

    If anybody have this code plz reply me ..

    Thanks in Advance ,

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    Re: Need Help on LoginScreen and Remote Database.


    To design the UI for desired login screen you can use the J2ME form, textField and Button components.

    AFA remote database connectivity is concerned write a server side code (A JSP or Servlet) that will manage the database connectivity, updates, login verification and will return the resultback to the J2ME application.

    You need to call this JSP/Servelt from your midlet using HttpConnection class.

    Hope this will help you.


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