Hello everyone,
I want to develop one app on the above device in Java. This has S60 2nd edition FP2 SDK, so I got the SDK downloaded from Nokia site. Can I use the SDK wtih IDEs like Eclipse3.2/3.4(latest) and how can integrate the sdk with the Eclipse IDE? In the sdk doc they mentioned to install Sun's WTK before installing the SDK. Why I need the SUN WTK for this SDK? plz clarify my doubt...

Basically on this device I find out the Cell ID location info using symbian C++ with Mobinfo 3rd party lib and get it stored in a file. Can I get the Cell ID in Java using some system getproperty() method and whether it is supported or not?

Does this sdk provide some web services on this device, if not what can be the remedy? Becoz later on I have to send some data from phone's UI and file to a web server where the server processes the data and send s some results to the device..whether the SDK is supporting SOAP/xml services to send data to a server?

plz help me out to setting up the nvironment.

thanks a lot in advance..