Hi all,

I want to do video capturing.
I have done it as follows:
staring the recorder, by setting the record location of the VideoControl to the handset memory. when the user stops recording i am doing :

& then i am displaying a list of option to the user to play it and so..

my code is error free & its working in E51 & some others properly but same code in Nokia N78 & Nokia N80, when i click on "Stop" button however the video recording stops & it stays for a long time in that still screen.
initially i thought its not listening to the stop command. but its not the case, once i recorded small(say 5second)file & when i clicked stop, i waited for a long time for 30 - 50 sec, then the list screen displayed. so according to this, i think its taking long time to display that screen. can nybody tell me anything i can do so that the response will get better.
thanks in advance,