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    6310i, BlueTooth and All the Developers


    I'm an equally unimpressed new 6310i owner in the UK, and I must say I am not happy with the level of support given by Nokia on this.
    I've just moved back from an Ericsson, and thankfully I still have the phone as I think I will just return the 6310i to Orange as failing to perform as specified.

    Seppo - I sympathise with you, but maybe you can suggest a user forum on the "club nokia" site that contains some useful information, or the ability to post questions as per this site - otherwise people are going to continue to post on this site in absence of elsewhere.
    Club Nokia is great - but it just gives you the same standard answers and no real way of actually posting a question.

    Q. to all the developers:
    Can no-one overcome this lack of support for the "standard" BlueTooth protocol - there has to be a money making opportunity here to sell the code to clients, or to sell to Nokia to release as a fix.

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    RE: 6310i, BlueTooth and All the Developers

    Actually 6310 and 6310i are'nt failing to perform as specified.
    What seems to be the major problem is Nokias choice of bluetooth developer. If you dont have a digianswere stack wich the nokia pc suite is dependent of you will be unable to make a connection.
    However modem connections are no problem.

    The real question is what communications ports the Cable connection in Connection manager is dependent on and if it is possible to make the bluetooth serial port profile act as a cable connection.

    So if any of you Nokia ppl are reading this do you know which comunication ports one have to use with the cable connection?

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