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    Smile urllib module and network connection


    I have a program that connects to the internet via urllib and httplib modules. For the httplib part of the code, I open and close connection as follows:
    conn = httplib.HTTPConnection(SERVER_NAME)
    conn.request("POST", UPLOAD_DIRECTORY, params, headers)
    However, for my urllib calls, I do not know how to close the connections. The call that I make look like this:

    onlineVersionFile = urllib.urlopen(URL + u"Version.py")
    Also, how much extra battery does it drain to leave these connections open? My 5500 is collecting accelerometer data constantly and so the battery life is a little less than 24 hours. Does having this connection open all the time affect the battery life a lot?


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    Re: urllib module and network connection

    hi Hyon
    there is a function close() inside the the URLopener class of the urllib module. But as far as i know there is no direct function to close a connection in urllib.

    Hope this helps
    Enjoy Pythoning

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