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    Post Timer for inserting pause.

    Is there any methode in J2me like timer.start(),timer.stop() and timer.pause().
    i want to use it while entering alphabets in textfield.
    like while
    pressing 9 1 time it shows 9
    pressing 9 2 times it shows w
    pressing 9 3 times it shows x
    pressing 9 4 times it shows y
    pressing 9 5 times it shows z
    i want to put a proper wait time before moving on to next key.

    if any link available for this please paste.

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    Re: Timer for inserting pause.

    To control this times activities, you can do this with Timer and TimerTask classes.
    Using this, you'll be able to schedule and cancel the execution of a task.


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    Re: Timer for inserting pause.


    I am not sure to understand what really you want, but to implement keypress x times like that, I think we simple catch KeyPress() method. Inside keypress(), we create counter. This counter only recalculated if the keypress is different or after a duration.

    Like that, you can completely control the behavior of keypress.
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