Does someone have some success in inserting / deleting dynamically lines in a CEikDialog / CAknDialog derived class.
I do not mention CAknForm as it seems impossible to have images with that.

Whatever I use, CCoeControl::MakeVisible, CAknDialog::InsertLineL or CAknDialog::DeleteLine or CAknDialog::MakeWholeLineVisible the results is always the same :

- the control disappears (delete) but the free space is not reused for scrolling up the rest,
- the control is not shown (insert).

It looks like the position of the controls is not updated, even when a DrawNow is called.

Any idea of how to refresh the screen ?

Alternatively, taking the problem in a whole other way, it should be possible to create a custom control which would be a container for all the things I want to display, show or hide.

Did anybody try something like that successfully ?