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    Application icons for J2ME on 7210 and 7650/3650

    I have several questions regarding application icons:
    1. I assume that all I need to do to specify the application icon is to (a) put the icon file (say icon.png) in with the rest of my resources, and (b) change the MIDlet-1 line of my JAD/Manifest so that the second item between commas is my icon file name. For example:
    MIDlet-1: My Midlet Name,icon.png,com.whatever.MainClass
    Anything else I need to do?
    2. What are the required sizes for these icons for (a) the Nokia 7210 and (b) the 7650 or 3650? Is there a single required size for a given phone (eg 18x18 for the 7210) or will a range of sizes work?
    3. Is there a way to see if the icon shows up on the emulators? For the 7210, the emulator runs the app but doesn't show any apps as being installed so I have no idea how to check to see if the icon shows up. On the Series 60 emulator, I just see overlapping blue and red boxes next to my MIDlet name when the emulator first starts. Is that the place where my icon should show? Why doesn't it and how can I get it to show there?

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    RE: Application icons for J2ME on 7210 and 7650/3650


    interesting questions about icons, here you go with some answers:

    1. MIDlet-1: Name of MIDlet, /icon.png, package.name.MainClass
    2. MIDlet icon sizes are 16x16 px for Series 40 phones (such as 7210) and 32x32 px for 7650/3650.
    3. That's the place where it should show, but unfortunately displaying the icon has not been implemented in the emulators so you really have to try yourself in the phone. :-)

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