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    sending UCS2 sms

    I am trying to send an UCS2 sms, but it seems there is something wrong I am not getting the SMS. Please find below my code, If you can help me to know where is the error:

    Set cIShortMessage = puISMSSend.CreateShortMsg
    Call puISMSSettings.GetCommonSMSSettings(StatusReportRequest, ReplyPath)
    cIShortMessage.StatusReportRequest = StatusReportRequest
    cIShortMessage.ReplyPath = ReplyPath
    ParameterSetIndex = 1
    cIShortMessage.ValidityPeriodFormat = RELATIVE_FORMAT
    Call puISMSSettings.GetSMSParametersSet(ParameterSetIndex, ParameterSetName, ProtocolIdentifier, DataCodingScheme, ValidityPeriod, SCAddress)
    cIShortMessage.ProtocolIdentifier = ProtocolIdentifier
    cIShortMessage.DataCodingScheme = 8
    cIShortMessage.ValidityPeriodRelative = ValidityPeriod
    cIShortMessage.SCAddress = SCAddress
    cIShortMessage.UserDataFormat = UNICODE_16_BIT
    cIShortMessage.UserDataText = "01000A9169656351510008080074006500730074"
    cIShortMessage.OtherEndAddress = "+9656361515" 'destination
    Call puISMSSend.Send(cIShortMessage) 'send SMS

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    RE: sending UCS2 sms


    I think this question is more suitable to PC Connectivity SDK area, I'll copy this thread...

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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