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    Accessing PhoneBook contacts in 6500


    Everyone i am facing problem in 6500. we have developed an appliction in which we are retrieving both phonebook contact and SIM Contacts. our application is working fine in all the series 40 5th edition handsets. But in this handset.it is taking all the sim contacts. but it is not taking all the Phonebook contacts.. i have more than hundred contact in phonebook of the Handset but it is displaying only 26 contacts.

    Any link or article which helps to resolve this please send it.

    Deepu G

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    Re: Accessing PhoneBook contacts in 6500

    Do the other phones have as many contacts as well?
    If not, there could be some problems in your code.

    Also do you retrieve first the SIM contacts and then the Phonebook contacts? If yes, can you try the other way around and see if the same thing happens (or if the SIM card contacts are now not displayed fully)?


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