A couple of months ago, I posted a bug report here about the 3650. The bug was as follows:

The MIDP spec states that when a system screen (like a popup menu of commands) obscures a canvas then the canvas hideNotify() method is called. This allows a game developer to pause the game thread for example. However, the behavior on the 3650 does not follow this. On the 3650, the hideNotify method is called ONLY after the user actually selects one of the commands on the menu! In other words, if I am playing a game, and I bring up a menu, the game loop will continue to run while I think about which menu command to select because the hideNotify meth hasn't been called yet.

For some reason, Nokia removed this post from the forum and never even answered whether this behavior will be fixed in their phones anytime soon.

NOKIA: Please address this issue since it violates the MIDP spec and causes problems for game development. Will it be fixed anytime soon on the actual handsets?