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    Retrieving the contacts into 6210 Navigator


    Everyone we have developed an application. In which we are retrieving the contacts into our application. But in this[6210 Navigator, 6220classic,N78 ]. Handset it is not retrieving the contacts into our application. The same application worked fine in E66.

    Any link are article which helps to resolve the problem do sent.

    Deepu G

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    Re: Retrieving the contacts into 6210 Navigator

    You must be getting some exception from the PIM API methods. Can you give us more information?

    This usually happens when you are trying to access a vcard field which is not supported in this particular model.


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    Re: Retrieving the contacts into 6210 Navigator

    Are the contacts on SIM card, as there is no SIM card contact access in Java ME on S60 (like I have mentioned in some other answers to you lately)
    Or if you have problems in accessing some fields, see here for supported fields for contact book


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    Re: Retrieving the contacts into 6210 Navigator

    Hello Deepu G,

    for retrieving missing contacts info, you could try using getFields() as follows

    StringBuffer pr;
    Enumeration enum;
    Contact c;
    StringItem si;
    if (enum.hasMoreElements()) {

    c = (Contact) enum.nextElement();

    int[] f = c.getFields();

    for(int i = 0; i < f.length; i++) {

    int fieldIndex = f[i];
    String s = Integer.toString(f[i]);
    String l = c.getPIMList().getFieldLabel(f[i]);

    pr.append(s +" "+ l);

    si = new StringItem("Contacts info etc.", pr.toString());
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