I managed to configure VPN client on my brand new E71, and I am using VPN based AP for syncing my email, organizer and contacts. Since the phone supports encrypted storage, and the user guide for VPN client claims that this version supports silent authentication with username and password (page 20), I thought that it would be great to configure "mail for exchange" to sync automatically every so often during off-peak hours (i.e. 30 mins). Right now, I have to set it on always on, which unnecessarily drains the battery, and since the connection drops whenever I leave the area of network coverage, I get the username and password prompt with syncing disabled until I react.

Unfortunately, after browsing all available online resources, I couldn't find any information on how to set up that. The guide explains how to set up silent authentication using certificates, but says nothing on how to do that for username and password. Policy file specification doesn't offer any configuration parameters for XAUTH authentication, except for the pre-shared group authentication. There is also a configuration for CRACK based set up, but nothing for XAUTH.

Can someone help me with this?