Hi to Nokia Support

It seem like Nokia 6610 could not open http connection from any url with subdirectory, eg (www.mycompany.com/subdirectory/readme.txt)

I wrote a simple midlet that read content from a website,parse the content and present information to user, The midlet have not problem to read content from www.yahoo.com www.cnn.com, however, an IOException is thrown when I direct the midlet to read content from URL consists subdirectory.

I have follow this discussion board for a while, It's seem to me, Nokia does not produce a good quality Java Phone, 7650 yeild a lot of problem, and same to 6610.

As a J2ME developer, I am disappointed and would not recommends and Nokia Phone to my Client, including local wireless operator, cause, none of my Java Application works on Nokia Phone, that works fine on other phone.