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    Using PAMP over GPRS ?

    I installed PAMP and am able to start it and check the and it runs just fine. Now my question is there any way to run PAMP over GPRS vs just over WLAN? In the option I only have an option to "Start WLAN" and when I click that obviously I only get to select from WLAN if any available. Can GPRS be integrated to be one of option to start PAMP to the internet? MWS works just fine over GPRS why not PAMP.

    I would like to serve up the webpages to the internet using apache via GPRS but without going through the MWS gateway. Just type in the IP of my phone and surf to it.

    I am very new to this so please excuse me if I am asking something that is impossible to do.

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    Re: Using PAMP over GPRS ?

    Quote Originally Posted by castro145 View Post
    MWS works just fine over GPRS why not PAMP.
    In the general case, it is not possible to access a device in a cellular network from the Internet because of NATs and firewalls of the operator. Because of the NAT, the IP address of your phone, as viewed from the Internet, changes over time and even if you know what the IP address happens to be at a particular time, it still may be impossible, because of a firewall, to initiate a connection to the mobile from an arbitrary computer.

    MWS works over a cellular connection, because there's an intermediate gateway that provides the mobile with a domain name and with HTTP access to it from the Internet. However, that connectivity is available to PAMP if you have installed PAMP after MWS. Just start MySQL from the Pamp UI and then MWS and you're all set for using PAMP over GPRS.

    I would like to serve up the webpages to the internet using apache via GPRS but without going through the MWS gateway.
    Why do you not want to use the connectivity provided by the gateway?

    Just type in the IP of my phone and surf to it.
    As I wrote above, in the general case it is not possible, but depending on the operator it may actually work. Try this:
    • Start PAMP, but do not activate WLAN.
    • Using the browser on your mobile and the cellular access point you want to use, browse to http://whatismyipaddress.com (the first link when I googled for what is my ip address). From that site you'll find out what the NATed IP-address of your mobile is.
    • Leave the browser running, and try browsing to that IP-address from your laptop.

    The above works for me, and that actually means that in my case it should be possible to run a DynDNS client on the mobile and that way provide the mobile with a domain name and direct access for anyone, without an intermediate gateway.

    Apparently my operator only has a NAT but not a firewall, or then possibly a firewall that allows access to certain ports (in particular port 80).

    If the above does not work for you, then the next steps just might help:
    • From your laptop, browse to http://whatismyipaddress.com.
    • Using the browser on your mobile, browse to the public IP-address of your laptop. There does not need to be a web-server running on your laptop; it's enough that you try to browse to it.
    • Leave the browser running on the mobile, and try browsing to it from your laptop, using the IP-address you figured out earlier.

    If this works, then the operator probably has a firewall that only allows network traffic from those computers that the mobile previously has connected. In this case you can provide direct access to PAMP on your mobile to known clients.

    Let me know how it works out.

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