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    Question [moved] Impossible Install Carbide 3.01; The setup not see Nokia Sdk

    I have install on my Pc with Windows Vista Home Edition sp1 the follow software

    - Nokia SDK (S60_3rd_Edition_SDK_Feature_Pack_2_v1_1_en.zip) on c:\Nokiasdk
    - ActivePerl- on default directory
    - Java 1.6.0_05
    - Visual Studio 2005 sp1

    When I install Carbide.vs 3.0.1 during the form installation,"S60 SDK from Forum Nokia" is Missing Prerequisite.
    I have installed all the software like administrator user and I have read the Nokia article that say to change one registry
    key with negative effects for me.
    I have the same problem with onother PC with Windows XP Sp2.

    Note that I have installed "Carbide.ui Theme Edition" without problem.

    I don't know what to do !!!:confused:

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    Re: Impossible Install Carbide 3.01; The setup not see Nokia Sdk

    If you check the release notes, it most probably suggests 5.6.1 635 (there is a link for older releases on the ActivePerl download page). Try if it fixes the problem on the XP machine.
    For Vista, you should search for vista in the Wiki, perhaps in the Blogs too.

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    Re: [moved] Impossible Install Carbide 3.01; The setup not see Nokia Sdk

    There are known issues about the 3.2 SDK and Carbide.vs
    -- Lucian

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