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    Strange behaviour with the caller groups on the 7210

    Hi there, i have just had the firmware on my Nokia 7210 upgraded from V3.09 - V4.18. Let me just say "Well Done" to the programmers whom have fixed a lot of bugs. After the upgrade however, i have noticed a strange behaviour now occuring that didn't exist with the 3.09 Version.
    if you use the "caller groups" and assign a tone to one of them, the LED's will not light up when someone from within the group calls you. if you set the tone to "Default", the display will light up as normal.

    1. Has this been noticed by the Nokia Software Developers?
    2. Will there be a fix?

    i guess another update will be along the lines sometime. thanks

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    RE: Strange behaviour with the caller groups on the 7210

    Hi mergs,

    I believe this behaviour has been notified and will be corrected in forthcoming sw releases.

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