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    Red face Problem Regarding getting the Keycodes and Disabling the Camera


    I want to acess the KeyPress Event using keycode...So in which Item(Canvas,Form, List) is it accessblie to use it?

    I m newbie for the j2me and i have to make 1 application in which i have to disable the Nokia N-series(N-72) Menukey,Exit key(Red Key),Music Playe Key, and Camera with Shutter to access my application.

    While My Application is running this four fetures which i have described Before Must be off or Disable.

    So,I want the Keycodes for that MenuKey,Exit (red ) Key and Music Key for Nokia N-Series Mobile ?

    if u have anycode for that disabling the keys then Pls send me the code or Link ...

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    Re: Problem Regarding getting the Keycodes and Disabling the Camera

    can you descripe what you want to do more,
    from what i understand that you want to disable some keys while your application is running..
    first to say that to get keycodes you should use canvas
    i have two considration on that.
    1- to do that your application should be on foreground.
    2- u can't disable the red key it will always close the running java application, all you can do in this case is to do some action on destroyApp() finiction which is called automatically whiole closing.

    hope i understand u well.
    Wael Nabil
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    CITGlobal MOBiDIV

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