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    Red face Problem Regarding Accessing the Keycodes and Disbling the Camera


    I want to acess the KeyPress Event using keycode...So in which Item(Canvas,Form, List) is it accessblie to use it?

    I m newbie for the j2me and i have to make 1 application in which i have to disable the Nokia N-series(N-72) Menukey,Exit key(Red Key),Music Playe Key, and Camera with Shutter to access my application.

    While My Application is running this four fetures which i have described Before Must be off or Disable.

    So,I want the Keycodes for that MenuKey,Exit (red ) Key and Music Key for Nokia N-Series Mobile ?

    if u have anycode for that disabling the keys then Pls send me the code or Link ...

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    Re: Problem Regarding Accessing the Keycodes and Disbling the Camera

    Hello talk2mishal,

    to start with, for using keyPressed(int keyCode), you need a Canvas (i.e. either as a Displayable or as a CustomItem which is appended to a Form).

    An example app for using keyPressed(int):


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