I hope this is the proper forum. I have a N95 nokia phone connected to an Asterisk SIP server.

If Asterisk initiates a call to the N95 device using a Caller ID => "Pål Knutsen" <12345678> the call will *not* go through as the N95 SIP phone will answer:

SIP/2.0 400 Bad Request

The call is terminated (Phone never rings).

If the "å" in "Pål" is replaced with "a" this works fine, and the phone will ring.

Same happens when an N95 (or a Linksys SIP phone) calls (via Asterisk) to a Nokia N82 (or any other NOKIA SIP phone).

Bad request 400 occurs whenever a scandinavian character like åäö or ø is present in the callers caller ID and the called party is using a Nokia SIP phone.

Is this a bug in Nokia S60 SIP stack (SOFIA) or is this some kind of encoding issue, or am I missing something here?