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    wsdl-to-c++ installation

    I installed the wsdl-to-c++ wizard to work with Carbide.C++, following the installation guide.

    Then I tried to configure the builder. But I can´t find "C/C++ Build and System Options" to include the necessary directories, i.e.,

    So that I cannot build the project.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: wsdl-to-c++ installation

    If i am not wrong you are misunderstood between carbide.c++ and carbide.vs. Correct me if i am wrong.

    note: also if you have links to docs where we can use wsdl plug-in with carbide.c++ please post here.

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    Re: wsdl-to-c++ installation

    Actually I am using Carbide.C++.
    Fortunately I found the place to add the directory paths. I had to modify the .mmp file, adding the libraries and included paths (for building)... and it´s easily done with the Carbide IDE.

    Respect to the docs, I used the wsdl-to-c++ installation guide provided by Nokia, and also the users guide. I couldn´t find more material...

    Besides I am trying to connect to a web services but I can´t do it yet.
    I used the tool with command line... but not adding the plugin to the IDE...

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