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    Question parsing an xml file from the device location?

    Hello All,

    I am just curious abt how to use the kXML2.3 lib to parse an xml file which is located at some drive(say c:\TestXMLFile.xml). I m using S60 2nd FP2 MIDP sdk with Netbeans6.1 IDE with mobility pack for nokia 6630.

    which APIs can i use to read the file at the drive location and parse that file using the kxml parser? Is it possible for such devices to use kxml to parse xml files?

    also plz provide me some code snippets to read the above file or some text file (at e:\\DummyData.txt on device) character by character and store those info into some buffer...I know FIleConnection API will be used for that..bt how can I access n read a file at the certain specified location character by character to process each text in the file...plz give some pointers and helpful links..

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