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    Catching a REAL sms over a REAL mobile device

    Hi all,

    I'm a senior university student, new on mobile computing.
    (and new on this forum )

    I'm developing a project on a sms spam detecting system embedded on a real mobile device, actually in JME.

    The project seems to works really fine...
    i'm able to get false_positive_rate < 0.005 and a false_negative_rate < 0.01.

    BUT i've got a trouble: it seems to be impossible to intercept a real sms, if sent to the default sms inbox port.

    So I can't intercept any REAL sms with the jma technology.

    I'm stucked at this point, and all except this trouble is done.

    May someone give me some idea to how obtatain an access to real messages (and how may I move a spam message on a junk folder)?

    is possible to obtain a signal when an incoming message is placed on the inbox (to analyze it suddenly after)?


    is it possible to develop a sms wrapper in a lower level language, to achieve the sms interception?
    if so, how can i use from that lower level language, my filter develped using JME ?

    Please helpme: I'm really stucked at this point.



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    Re: Catching a REAL sms over a REAL mobile device

    Nope. You cannot intercept actual SMS with J2ME; only those sent to a specific port your SMS app is expecting messages to..

    You'd need to rewrite your application usinc C++ and for a Symbian/S60 based model (won't work on S40 phones).

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    Re: Catching a REAL sms over a REAL mobile device

    Thanks petrib, but i actually can't rewrite the whole app
    since is about 3k LOC long...

    but, if no other choices are available, i may write a wrapper in c++.
    This only if the c++ wrapper is allowed to call the JME based filter, that evaluates the incoming sms and returns a response to the c++ app...

    so, is it possible to call a jme app from a c++ app, and getting back a signal/return_value in symbian_based devices?

    or, anyone knows if exists any special purpose library that could help me to fix this issue? (even if 3rd party)
    any other ideas?

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