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    Application listening to the port running on the PC for Serial communication over USB

    I need Serial communication over USB on S60 3rd Edition devices . After searching on Forums i got the Link as follow:

    This information seems OK to run the Application on Device to communicate Device & PC via USB.I have added this code in my Sample application. But as the above Link says that...There should be An application listening to the port should be running on the host (PC). So I need Application in MFC which should be running on PC to Listen to the Port. Please tell me the Link or any Information from where i can get that particular PC applicaton .

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: Application listening to the port running on the PC for Serial communication over

    That connection appears as a "COM" port as I know, so check how to handle serial ports on MSDN.

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    Re: Application listening to the port running on the PC for Serial communication over


    I got many applications like USBMonitor tpe from google. When i start those applications on PC & tries to send the Data via USB then i am getting the Error in -6709 Error code in RunL() method of USBEngine Active Object.
    Below is the Code attached. Please Help

    void CUSBEngine::ConstructL()
    TInt r = User::LoadPhysicalDevice (PDD_NAME);
    if (r != KErrNone && r != KErrAlreadyExists)
    User::Leave (r);
    r = User::LoadLogicalDevice (LDD_NAME);
    if (r != KErrNone && r != KErrAlreadyExists)
    User::Leave (r);

    _LIT(KACMPort1, "ACM::1");
    // RComm is a client to the RCommServ Comms server
    // Start this service before any connections are made.
    TInt ret = StartC32();


    if ( ret != KErrNone && ret != KErrAlreadyExists )
    User::Leave ( ret );
    // Connect to CommServer
    //RCommServ server;
    User::LeaveIfError( server.Connect() );


    // Load CSY Module
    User::LeaveIfError( server.LoadCommModule( CSYMOD ) );


    TBuf16<KMaxPortName> portName;
    portName.Copy( KACMPort1 );
    // Open the comm. port
    //RComm commPort;
    User::LeaveIfError( commPort.Open( server, portName, ECommShared ) );


    // Verify capabilities of the port and configure it
    TCommCaps portCaps;
    commPort.Caps( portCaps );
    if (((portCaps().iRate & KCapsBps115200) == 0) |
    ((portCaps().iDataBits & KCapsData8) == 0) |
    ((portCaps().iStopBits & KCapsStop1) == 0) |
    ((portCaps().iParity & KCapsParityNone) == 0))
    User::Leave( KErrNotSupported );


    TCommConfig portCfg;
    commPort.Config( portCfg );
    portCfg().iRate = EBps115200;
    portCfg().iParity = EParityNone;
    portCfg().iDataBits = EData8;
    portCfg().iStopBits = EStop1;
    portCfg().iHandshake = 0;
    User::LeaveIfError( commPort.SetConfig( portCfg ) );


    This is the Data for Sendign the Data to USB Port

    void CUSBEngine::SendData()
    const TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds32 KTimeOut(4000000);
    //commPort.Write(iStatus, KTimeOut, _L8("WelCome to the PC Connectivity via USB"));
    commPort.Write(iStatus, _L8("WelCome to the PC Connectivity via USB"));


    In the RunL() i am getting -6709 error code.
    There is no documentation for -6709 Error Code.

    Please Help

    Thanks in Advance.

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