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    6131 Applets wont connect to the web


    I have a 6131, i can surf with it
    and as i run an applet on the emulator, it can access my web site

    but as i install the application on the real phone
    it does not even seem to launch web connectivity
    it asks for permission and nothing happen,

    there should be a little E in the top menu indicating a web conneciton but it never happens
    it works with the 6131 integrated browser

    I checked this page http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph..._configuration

    but as i set a personnal APN it removes the one for the web browser and i can't select my provider as a prefered one :-(

    can someone help me out
    this is realy urgent :-)

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    Re: 6131 Applets wont connect to the web


    From your problem statement and my experience of S40 GPRS connectivity, all i can say is that in S40 handsets MIDlet can not use the WAP APN. You need to use the internet APN.

    Its not only your application but if you download some other application such as opera mini or gmail they will also not run with WAP APN.

    I Hope this will help you.


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