I am working on a graphics manipulation midlet and am seeing ~4fps performance. Has anyone tested what the maximum frame rate is on any Series 40 phones, especially the 7210? Something that just repeatedly did a DrawImage of a full screen-sized image or a similar drawPixels loop. I am wondering what the max performance of full-screen redraws is. When I run a simple test midlet that I wrote, I get a max of ~5fps (using are full-screen images) when using DrawImage(). The result is the same when using drawPixels(). I saw that the dogada.com test does 12x12 Image redraws (not full screen) at about 7 fps.

Does this data line up with what others have found? And, if I went to writing compiled Symbian code on a Series 60, how much better graphics performance would I see under similar screen and graphic size conditions?