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    Setting alarm in Calendar

    I was wondering if it is possible to set an Alarm in the Calendar app of a s60 (N95) device ? This should happen programmatically obviously, so I would be able to set an alarm through my own Midlet.
    I have been using timers and timertasks for the moment to act as an alarm, but if the midlet get closed it obviously stops te timers hence the alarm. So i'd like to be able to set an alarm (calendar or Clock->Alarm) programmatically.
    Any ideas or tips please let me know

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    Re: Setting alarm in Calendar

    Personal Information Management (PIM) optional package for Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) provides access to calender, contacts etc.

    Refer to Forum Nokia JaveME Developers Library for more details on use and implementation notes for PIM support on device.


    PIM is an optional package so you will have to check if your target device(s) have it implemented.

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    Re: Setting alarm in Calendar

    thx I found it out about 5 minutes after my post :P
    anyways it works through the PIM, just as I wanted it to

    It adds an event now, still Icant manage to delete an Item afterwards, I know I have to pass an Event object to the EventList.removeEvent(event) method...
    But how do i find this Event ? I know the desciption (the String used) but im kinda lost in the construction of PIM itself...
    Any ideas or code ?
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