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    Unhappy data transfer using data call (no internet)

    Hi all!
    I need to make an "Data Call" directlly from a telephone to a telephone for exchange string data in synchronism mode (in only one session).


    cell1 - cell2

    cell1: make data call to cell2
    cell2: open incoming call from cell1
    cell1: send to cell2 "Hello"
    cell2: send to cell1 "Bye"
    cell1: close call with cell2

    I need to NOT use SMS;

    I have tryed to search a solution with AT commands (perfect for my test) but AT command seems to be not is supported on J2ME.

    Help pls
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    Re: data transfer using data call (no internet)

    Why you are not using gprs and if the distance is not limitation then you can also use bluetooth optional API.

    -Kartik Trivedi

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