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    working with 7650 and gprs

    I am developing a midlet for 7650 with a http connection this midlet is ok with gsm data connection but when i Use gprs the server receive the request but the response in the device is wrong!! the server send 2039 byte and the device receive 134 byte.
    I use vodafone-omnitel configuration and the gprs works fine with this configuration but non in java applications!
    Someone can give me something?

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    RE: working with 7650 and gprs

    If you're using a GPRS WAP access point, the WAP gateway may be blocking the response, perhaps due to the Content-Type.

    You could try using a GPRS Internet access point. With Vodafone Omnitel in Italy, your access point name would be web.omnitel.it. You also need to set the gateway IP address for the access point to

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