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    Nokia n78 application error

    Hi there guys first post,

    I am currently working on an application for all mobile platforms, currently I have tried it on the early s60 such as N95 however whenever I try to run it on the n78 I receive an application error. When I click the details it displays that a null pointer has been found?

    Any ideas?

    Also the error given is

    Caught exception

    This error is given after the splash screen of the program is intialized, this does not happen on any other java version.
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    Re: Nokia n78 application error


    Would it better if you give forum more clues? What your application does? Details coding should be good?

    Did you try an example from J2ME on your device? Is there same error?
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    Re: Nokia n78 application error

    Well I am currently working for a company whom are developing a twitter mobile solution along with many others using and inhouse SDK. All our applications work on all models of s60 with 9.2 firmware however since the 9.3 has been issued on handsets such as n78 all of our applications are failing to even run.

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    Re: Nokia n78 application error

    Please, you have to provide more details on what your application is doing, what code line approximately causes the problem, etc. Otherwise everyone is just guessing.

    Also, please post one question only once on these boards. Crossposting/duplicate threads cause extra work for people and make the discussions really hard to follow.


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