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    Basic Platformer Geometry and Physics.

    hey, im looking for some help to implement a few classes for handling basic geometry and physics tasks in j2me games. initialy i want to work with platformer games but eventually expand it to handle most other needs. is there anybody about that is willing to spend a little time on this with me? theres very little about in the way of physics and geometry for mobile development...
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    Re: Basic Platformer Geometry and Physics.

    Hi Rooossone,

    I'm not aware of any specific Java ME game physics tutorials, but you should consider that game physics/geometry is usually loosely related to the used technology/language. So, you could try to look for general game physics tutorials/code, and then adapt them to your Java ME needs. For example, if you're dealing with 2D games, you could try this:


    Also, an important point: usually implementing game physics involves the usage of floating point math so, if you're not using CLDC 1.1, you should consider one of the many available libraries that add Float support to Java ME (e.g.: MicroFloat)

    Finally, here's a 2D game physics engine that you could test to see if it suits your needs:



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