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    how to create .sis file from .jar and .jad file

    I have been searching through the archive and could not find an answer to my question.
    I created myApp.jar and myApp.jad files(Midlets). Everything runs just fine when I run this using Nokia_Series_60_MIDP_SDK_Beta_0_1 emulator with Nokia Developers Suite.
    But, what steps do I need to take to take my .jar and .jad files and convert them to .sis file so I could install it on the actual device?

    Please, help!!!

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    RE: how to create .sis file from .jar and .jad file


    Java related questions should be posted to Java discussion board. Anyway, you don't need to necessarily convert .jar/.jad files to .sis. It's enough that you transfer both files, for example, by IrDA or Bluetooth to the device and install the midlet by opening either of files from the inbox. Installer is automatically started.

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    Marko / Forum Nokia

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