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    Arrow xHTML VS xHTML Mobile Profile

    I want to make a site for the next phones and above:

    Nokia 6270,6280, 6288, 6233
    Motorola V3x (and other models that are V3x clone)
    Sony Ericsson w900, w810
    + all others mobiles that are better then them (including smartphones)

    I don't know what to chose ...

    xHTML or the xHTML with Mobile Profile ? Can someone say more info about browsers of these phones.

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    Re: xHTML VS xHTML Mobile Profile

    Hi tgm91,

    First of all, this DiBo is for Nokia development related issues so you may not found that much information about other devices.

    To find out information about Nokia devices see this.

    Rest of information you may find useful can be found from here.

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    Re: xHTML VS xHTML Mobile Profile

    Hi tgm91,

    think you should select from wml, xhtmlbasic,xhtml MP.

    check the net for preferred markups of your devices and then select accordingly.


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