Forum Nokia Champion skumar_rao has been named the poster of the Month for August for his aid and assistance to community members on the discussion boards. Although Skumar_rao has been helping others online for many years his actions in August have earned him the poster of the month award and a Nokia N810 Interntet Tablet. Skumar_rao’s intelligence and understanding of issues is apparent in his responses. Having gotten many of individual thanks it is again time to give skumar_rao a group thanks.

The Forum Nokia Discussion Boards Poster of the Month is based on the quality and quantity of responses as judged by the Forum Nokia Experts. Along with the respect and gratitude of your peers, the POM receives a free shirt and may receive an S60 cell phone or other device. Having been awarded the Poster of the Month is a very good item to have in your resume if you wish to be a Forum Nokia Champion.

I hope you all join me in congratulating skumar_rao for his achievements.