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    delay of app lunching

    i developed j2me application depend on canva
    the app on sun emulator take no time to start when i press lunch
    on nokia n95 when i press lunch option it take more than a minute to start
    i used Manager.playTone to detect when the constructor and startApp called
    the tone was played after all the delay time elapsed
    the constructor and startApp take no time

    i use netbeans 6 and push registry for incoming sms
    i need help for this issue

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    Re: delay of app lunching

    Hi omaravet,

    the behaviour you describe is usually reported when a midlet in installed on an external memory, and there are a lot of other applications already installed on the phone. Is this your case?


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    Re: delay of app lunching

    thanks for your help
    on device directly it slightly faster
    but there is many j2me application on external memory lunch faster
    how can i minpulate this problem

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    Re: delay of app lunching

    The problem is that you are doing too much stuff in the same thread created by the AMS to start your midlet. It's called the system thread.

    Move most of the object construction (specially if you are loading images or sound files) to another thread, and make the midlet constructor and startApp() as lightweight as you can.


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    Re: delay of app lunching

    i think i found the main problem
    my application have maps in form of many images to produce the whole map

    when i remove the the maps package the application start faster

    on n95 it seem the jvm copy midlet files from the external memory to the device at starting or verify files

    i wish if there is more information about midlet lunching on n95 device

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