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    How make a Canvas

    Hi, i made a midlet, i would that the program start, it visualize a Canvas (in fullscreen mode) with the commands "Options","Play offline", ecc in the center of this Canvas instead how the normal commands...Is there an example or someone can help me with a code?



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    Re: How make a Canvas


    You can check this article for the method to set the Canvas to full screen. Then I guess you have to write the command labels on the canvas using the drawString(...) method and monitor key presses to navigate through them and activate them. See this article for some information regarding commands in Canvas.

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    Re: How make a Canvas

    Hi, thanks for this article, but unfortunately they don't help me (ok with setfullscreenmode(), i already done, but not ok with command on the canvas)...i would make a thing as http://mrmasoud.persiangig.com/menu.JPG (indicatively, obviously)..

    Thanks Regards

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    Re: How make a Canvas

    Hi Transalp,

    there is no builtin component to draw such a menu on Canvas in Java ME, so you have 2 options:

    * build it by your own, by using low-level graphic primitives
    * use one of the available Java ME UI frameworks, that usually have ready-to-use customizable graphic components (like menus, forms, etc...)


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