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    FileConnection Access denied

    Hello all ,
    I am developing a J2EM application in which i am using FileConncetion API, when i am trying to run it on Nokia 6131 it was giving me error saying : Access denied.
    So plz help me to solve this error. I am not able to solve it
    Thanks in advance.

    My Code :
    try {
    FileConnection fc =(FileConnection)Connector.open("file:///C:/Photos/zeph1.txt",Connector.READ_WRITE);
    screenSearch.append("Fichier Crée", null);
    screenSearch.append("Existance :" + fc.exists(), null);
    } catch (Exception e2) {
    screenSearch.append("Exception de Fichier Crée "+e2.getMessage(), null);

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    Re: FileConnection Access denied

    Hi belzi,

    on S40 devices, you can access only predefined public folders. To get the complete paths of these folders, you can use the System properties defined here:

    (the second table is for S40 devices)


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    Re: FileConnection Access denied

    HI jappit,

    I tried your solution and it works, for the Nokia 6131 Specifications, you can visit http://mobilezoo.biz/homepagemobile.php?uploadid=502

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