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    Collision detection in Flash lite

    Hi friends,
    Anyone help me for collision detection of different shapes in flash lite 1.1/2.0 any, thank you..

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    Re: Collision detection in Flash lite


    The API is called hitTest and has been around since Flash5, which includes all Flash Lite versions.


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    Smile Re: Collision detection in Flash lite

    Yup..You can use hitTest Api if you are working in Flash Lite 2.0/2.1/3 enviroment..It is as easy as you think to use..Suppose You want to detect the collision of two movie clips A and B . Then , its syntax can be :
    if (A.hitTest(B)) 
    trace("collision detected");
    But if you are working in Flash Lite 1.1 (which is based on Flash MX 2004 Action Script) then you cant use hitTest. In this case, you have to use
    getPoperty("mc_clip", _property);
    to find out the x and y axis of clip any moment and then by comparing it with other object x and y axis . You can detect the collision...Enjoy Flash Programming...

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