Dear all,

I think I have encount several problem when display the grid.
And I am using carbide 3.1 in visual studio 2005.

1)VS provided a edit multi-icon definition when right click on teh miflist. Therefore, I used it, and it will generate the mbm/mbg. I assume it generate correct enum in the mbg although, the number started from 16384...

when I use where EMbmGrid1Fonetvcustom is a svg file :

AknIconUtils::CreateIconLC( GridEmailcustom,
-1 );

CGulIcon* markIcon = CGulIcon::NewL( GridEmailcustom, GridEmailcustomM );

again no panic code happened.

but for bmp file, there is no way I can get pass this line. Most of the time I have is system error (-1001);

2)it leaves after


code were follow